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Urdaneta City University

San Vicente West, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan

Urdaneta City University

College of Information & Technology Education




A center of Exellence in Information and Technolody Education


To train and develop new breed of globally competitive, innovative, and values-orientedd indivual through quality and advance instruction, relevant project study and researches, and sustainable community based extensions, partnerships or linkages.


1. To provide advantages knowledge, skills through outcomes based education and quality instructions in order to meet the demands and challenges of globalization.

2. To nurture the students in creating advanced researches and develop capstones that will provide industry-ibased information and technology solutions for stakeholders and community.

3. To implement responsive and sustainable development programs through mobilization of community that leads to strong partnerships and linkages in pursuing the country's development goal.


1. To add professional, technical and expert individuals in information technology science;

2. To design and develop scientific researches and capstones in infoermation & technolody to meet the demands and challenges of the time;

3. To implement boundless innovation and outputs that will benefit or uplift the quality of life of the members of cummunity.


Faculty Member

List of Classmates

  • Abad, Josephine
  • Ablog, Jan Adelyn
  • Aquino, Ralph Danmark
  • Bagao, Levin Joseph
  • Baluyot, Oliver
  • Boadilla, Margie
  • Cabanes, Benedict
  • Caliboso, Lheo
  • Calimlim, Edditha Wendy
  • Castillo, April Joy
  • Catalan, John MC
  • Collado, Marry Anne
  • Corpuz, Mark Joseph
  • Danzil, John Peter
  • Doton, Jassy
  • Duma, Floyd Harrel
  • Esteves, Maureen
  • Fernandez, Marry Grace
  • Fundal, Aldiguer
  • Frejas, Byrniel Dave
  • Gozales, Khlyn Erika
  • Leano, Melodee
  • Man, Jommel
  • Martinez, Aaron Jeremy
  • Mayo, Jerome
  • Mejia, Maureen
  • Mina, Mariel
  • Nastor, Jose Victor
  • Nolledo, Marry Joy
  • Opena, Jennifer
  • Orencia,, Ella Marie
  • Ragel, Erica
  • Valdez, Christian
  • Wage, Robin