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About Me

April Joy A. Castillo



O11 San Nicolas Pangasinan Street,

Phone Number

(+639) 927 460 9737




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  • About Me

    I am just a simple young lady, in a simple world wanting simple things. I don't manipulate things to please people around me. I say whats on my minds when i love.I love with all my heart , i keep quuite when i am angry and hide myself when gets sad. I dont care if ou like me or not . I choose to live happily not lavishy.
    I have not lived a perfect life, I have not made the best decisions, but as i get older and wiser i get my eyes open to the opportunity and i have discoverd the girl i am and continue to aim to be. Each dsy i choose my life and its next sea of opportunities, so each day i reach to be the best version of myself i truly could be watch and learn with me through the journey of my "Simple" life.

    Basic Information

    Name: April Joy A. Castillo

    Sex: Female

    Date of Birth: 17 November 2000

    Place of Birth: Dalumpinas, San Nicolas Pangasinan

    Religion: Born Again

    Nationality: Filipino

    Education & Knowledge

    Elementary: San Antonio East Elememtary School

    [Year Graduate: 2012-2013]

    Junior high School: Dalumpinas National High School

    [Year Graduate: 2016-2017]

    Senior High School: Dalumpinas National High School

    [Year Graduate: 2018-2019]

    Other Knowledge: Ms Office, Photoshop, Vexel Arts

    Hobbies: Photography, Reading , Learning New Things